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Mohamed Abdel Wahab (1901 – 1991), was a prominent 20th-century Egyptian singer, actor, and composer. He’s best known for his romantic and Egyptian patriotic songs. He composed “Ya Beladi”, the national anthem of Libya from 1951 to 1969 and again since 2011. He also composed the national anthem of Tunisia, “Humat al-Hima”, and many Egyptian nationalist songs like “Ya Masr tam El-Hanna”, “Hay Ala El-Falah”, “Masr Nadetna falbena El-nedaa”, “Oulo le Masr”, “Hob El-watan Fard Alyi”, “Sout El-Gamaheer”, and “Ya Nessmet El-Horria”.

His repertoire contains around 300 tracks. Visit here 


Baligh Hamdi  (1931 – 1993) is an Egyptian composer who created hit songs for many prominent Arabic singers, especially during the 1960s and 1970s.

He started his musician career as a singer, but very soon he turned to composing, and his compositions got good acceptance in the mid-1950s. In the late 1950s, and for the following two decades he was one of the most popular, successful, and productive composers in the Arab world. His repertoire consists of over 250 tracks.


Aly Ismail (1922 – 1974) was an Egyptian musician and composer of the Palestinian national anthem. His compositions are used in over 350 Egyptian movies and is considered one of the greatest musicians in Egypt and the Arab world.

He has composed music for Reda’s Troupe and conducted its orchestra and his repertoire contains over 700 tracks. Visit here 


Ahmed Ramy (1892 – 1981) was an Egyptian poet, songwriter and translator. He is best known for writing lyrics for the Egyptian singers Umm Kulthum and Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

Ramy was also a translator; his works include translations of several of Shakespeare’s plays and the quatrains of the Persian poet Omar Khayyám.

His repertoire contains around 350 tracks.


Mohamed El-Mogy (1923 – 1995) was an Egyptian composer. He composed most of the successful tracks for the legends Umm KulthumAbdel Halim HafezFayza Ahmed and much more. His repertoire contains around 1700 tracks


Maamoun Al-Shinnawi (1914 – 1994) was a prominent Egyptian poet and lyricist.He was able to satisfy all tastes with his lyrics. He wrote 4 songs for Umm Kulthum “ Ansak”, “ We Daret ElAyam”.

He also wrote some of the most heard songs till now for Farid El AtrashAbdel Halim Hafez and many more.


Reyad Mohamed El Sonbaty (1906 – 1981) is a 20th-century Egyptian composer and musician who is considered an icon of Egyptian Music. The number of his lyric works is 539 works in Egyptian Opera, operetta, cinematic and religious song, poem, Taqtouqa and Mawalia. He composed for many famous Arab singers like: Umm Kulthum, Asmahan, Warda Al-Jazairia, Najat Al Saghira, Mounira El Mahdeya, Fayza Ahmed, Saleh Abdel Hai, Souad Mohamed, Aziza Galal and others.

His repertoire contains over 300 tracks.


Mohamed Hamza (1940 – 2010) was an Egyptian poet and lyricist.

He wrote almost 1200 songs, 37 of them for the legend Abdel Halim Hafez.

He wrote many famous songs for  Fayza Ahmed, Shadia, Hany Shaker, Samira Said and many more.


Omar Khairat (1948) is a composer, pianist and conductor. He enriched Arab music with great symphonic pieces and composed many successful works. Omar Khairat discovered new musical dimensions in the emotions and memories of the Egyptian and Arab personality.

Khairat also rearranged works of the great composer Mohamed Abdel Wahab like Wahabiat 1 and 2 in addition to songs of Umm Kulthum which achieved great success due to his achievement of developing his own signature style of composing. His repertoire contains around 100 of his great symphonic pieces.

Visit here 


Hany Shenouda (1943) is an Egyptian composer and music arranger. He founded and led one of the first bands in Egypt, Al-Masriyyin, in 1977. He composed many successful tracks which exceeded till now 900 tracks.

Visit here 


Shaker El Mogy is an Egyptian singer, composer and poet. He took the stage name Shaker El Mogy in respect for his famous uncle Mohamed El Mogy.

His repertoire contains over 200 tracks.



Abeer Nehme is an International Lebanese established artist possessing one of the strongest voices 

Lyrics إعمل ناسيني يا تاعبني معاك خليني على نار كده بالايام سهرلي عيني في ليالي هواك لو كده يرضيك انا راضية تمام اعمل ما بدالك واعمل اللي بيحلالك يا نهار أبيض ع الدلال والحلاوة والجمال بس عندي ليك سؤال هو انت فاكرني مش فاهمة أنا قلبك يعني مهما هتداري بعينيك الغرام باين عليك والغرام مفهوش فصال تراهني كده طب تدفع كام يوم و لا يومين و تجيني اوام قلبك شاريني و دي فيها كلام و ناسيني ده مين ما بلاش أفلام



Egypt: Top songs from 2023 to keep you dancing and inspired

By Omar atta

Posted on December 30, 2023 13:37



After the strict measures to control the spread of Covid-19 in 2020, 2021 was a fresh change as music was once again in the air. Egypt experienced a myriad of creative genres that form its musical identities: from classical forms of Arabic music, to traditional and folkloric performances, Western genres and those infused with Oriental charm. To honour the great musical tradition from Egypt, we’ve got the top 14 hits from this year. It might be almost impossible to pinpoint the most popular or successful music productions of the year, as is success really measurable? Should we follow the charts or count the views on YouTube or SoundCloud? Can success within a smaller community be dismissed? The Egyptian music scene is too rich to limit ourselves to the shiniest of colours.

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